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Our Firm

“Your only job should be to recover from your injuries. We will do everything else to get you the compensation you deserve.”

In a successful attorney - client relationship, your only responsibility should be to follow your physician's advice while you recover. Our job is to take care of everything else, including all the details, to satisfy all of your obligations, and ultimately hand you a check at the end of the process. The goal is to return you as close as possible to where you would have been - in your health, in your circumstances and your finances - had your injury not occurred. The insurance industry is set up to fight every claim and every claimant in any way possible. It is absolutely necessary to fight back, intelligently. To permit an insurance company to get away with paying anything less than the fair and reasonable value of your damages, is to let that insurance company literally benefit at your expense.


This firm has been in business in downtown San Francisco since 1991, serving people injured all over the State of California, including all nine Bay Area Counties, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. Our clients are all individual persons. All the adversaries of each of our clients, either are insurance companies, or are funded entirely by insurance companies.  Our job is to protect you and to maximize the value of your claims throughout the insurance claims process and where necessary, throughout litigation (the procedures after a lawsuit has been filed at court) of your case. The single most important part of our work in this process, is to ensure frequent and adequate communication with you, so that you have the information that you need about your case, and are comfortable focusing on healing from your injuries.

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