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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)


Mr. Nelson has resolved nearly two thousand auto related injury claims and lawsuits combined, regarding incidents ranging from routine rear-end collisions to catastrophic multiple vehicle highway pileups, and injuries ranging from whiplash to spinal injuries requiring complex surgeries. In our experience, the amount of damage to the car is not necessarily an accurate indicator of the severity of the injuries suffered by its occupant. An occupant of a car with modest appearing damage, can have serious injuries and conversely, occupants of horrifically damaged cars can occasionally walk away with only modest injuries. There are so many variables to every collision incident, that each collision must be investigated and evaluated according to its own, unique circumstances. 


If you have been injured in an auto "accident,” get medical attention immediately, don’t put this off: go to a hospital ER, visit your family physician, or make an appointment with a chiropractor recommended by friends or co-workers. Take photos of the damage to your car, as well as any visible injuries you may have. Contact your insurance company’s “Claims Office” (you can get the # from your agent or a website). Avoid communication with the insurance company for the adverse driver, as part of their job is to obtain information from you, to use against you later. 


It is at this point, when you are confronted with the issues of how to repair or replace your car, how to find a doctor or chiropractor if you do not have health insurance, how to protect your rights and interests in dealing with insurance companies, that it is best to get an attorney involved right at the beginning of the case. We can answer your questions, shelter you from the insurance people, discuss your options regarding medical care, assist you in the process of getting your car repaired or replaced, help you find an affordable rental car, and in ageneral help you to focus on returning your life to normal, while we handle all these details.  


Attorney fees in all these cases are contingent fees, typically one-third of the gross settlement, or slightly more in the event of a trial.  We are paid at the conclusion of the case and only in the event that a recovery is obtained from, or on behalf of the at-fault party. If no money is received from the at-fault party, there is no cost to you whatsoever, regardless how much legal work was performed or costs incurred on your behalf.

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