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Premises Liability


A California land or business owner is required to maintain the property and premises in a safe condition for its intended or foreseeable uses, including keeping the location free from hidden dangers and latent defects. “Slip, Trip & Fall” incidents can result in serious injuries.  Our past clients have suffered fractures, torn ligaments in knees, head and brain injury, and even death.  Premises Liability cases invariably turn upon the issue of “notice” to the property owner, i.e., did the property owner have actual notice of the condition that caused the fall, or alternatively did the incident involve circumstances where the property owner should have known about the risk that resulted in the injury.  


Examples of actionable (winning) past cases handled by our office include *traces of rice and sauce on a hotel lobby floor causing a fall and a permanent hand injury, *kitchen grease poured into a restaurant restroom floor drain causing a fall and a knee injury requiring surgery, *a child’s fall through an improperly maintained window in a multi-story commercial building resulting in death, *a shopper in a big box retail warehouse store encountering a spill of liquid detergent covered by an employee with flat cardboard, causing a fall and head injury.


Each case must be evaluated on its own merits.  We recommend that the injury incident be reported to the property owner or management immediately, that you obtain photographs (if possible) of the location of your injury, as well as of your injury, that medical care be obtained promptly, that the facts of the injury as you understand them be explained with care to any medical provider.  If your injuries are substantial, you are invited to contact this office for a free and thorough consultation.

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