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Client Testimonials

Rudy C.

San Jose, CA

With gratitude beyond what we could express, for the work done by you and your staff to obtain settlement for my auto-pedestrian 'accident'.


Thank you for the time spent, indefatigable efforts, patience, and perseverance, all directed toward a perfect presentation of records and documents, to substantiate our claim for damages. For such efforts, I recognize the meticulous work worthy of commendation.


Wishing you success now and in the years to come.

Shirley C.

Patterson, CA

When I got into my car accident, I didn't know which way to turn. I was referred to Mr. Nelson by a mutual acquaintance. After speaking with Mr. Nelson, he put my mind at ease by giving me the assurance that I was in good hands. He made me feel like I was important and that he had my best interest at heart. Mr. Nelson is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise and walked me through the entire process. He's consistent in negotiations and his professionalism is impeccable! So before you settle for less with these bogus insurance companies, give Mr. Nelson a call.

Theresa P.

Daly City, CA

A few years ago I was in an accident. A large truck hit my minivan from behind while I was stopped at a red light and I was injured.  I was referred to Mr. Nelson when I was searching for a lawyer.  He and his staff were  very knowledgeable, caring and extremely thorough with my case.  They kept me up to date and worked with me until we settled.


Mr. Nelson is knowledgeable, kind and caring. A most important trait he has as a lawyer and person is truthfulness. Mr. Nelson will explain everything to you even if it's not what you want to hear. He will work with you and assist you in finding the best solution to your problem and help you 100% of the way.


All the best Mr. Nelson and thank you again for your help!

Vincent J.

San Francisco, CA

I was referred to Arne by a friend who was involved in a car and bicycle accident.  Good lawyers are hard to find, but after my colleague recommended him, I decided to hire him to represent me in a similar case; Semi vs. a bicycle.  


Arne was quick to respond, and was very informative re: the laws that applied to me and what the timelines might be. He was very open and honest about his fee, and clear on what I needed to do to help him build a solid case.  (paper trail) When I needed to know something, all I would have to do is e-mail him and I would get a prompt response.  I never had to walk to his office...he always made it convenient for me, by coming to mine.


All in all I would would recommend people to him, and already have.  He did an excellent job and I had a positive "Lawyer" experience.

Marty C.

Daly City, CA

I can wholeheartedly recommend Arne Nelson as a personal injury attorney. My case involved a closed head injury that initially left me with serious behavioral problems. He brought compassion to the laborious legal process; guiding me through the maze of medical and legal procedures. I have a great deal of respect for him. 


If you need a champion who will go to battle for you, then he is the right man for the job. My case was serious; more difficult to substantiate than broken bones; and complicated. He never dropped the ball; kept all the minutiae straight; and managed to keep me calm and informed. We prevailed and the settlement was most satisfactory.


Hurrahs for Arne Nelson!

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